Friday, June 5, 2009

The Story of Bear Paw

Scott and I got to spend last weekend with a group of friends at Nick's lake house in Murphee, N.C.. Whenever we get together with these friends, I end up laughing so hard that my face hurts. I love these people, and since there is no way that I can re-tell the whole weekend and give it justice, here are lots of pictures (in no particular order) and a brief summary of the weekend. 

1. There was no cell service, contrary to what Nick promised.
2. If your chocolate is too thick, your s'more won't be quite right. (Read that however you want)
3. I jumped off of a 20 foot cliff into the water.
4. I didn't want to do it.
5. It hurt.
6. Koreans should only play Quip-It in certain company.
7. When Luda says, "How do you say........," chances are, you're going to laugh at whatever comes next.
8. Lake Hiwassee is beautiful.
9. Nick doesn't like chocolate ice cream.
10. Scott's shorts may or may not be too tight....and doing lunges apparently don't help you decide. Dave ripping the tag off does.
11. Have I mentioned I love these people?


scbphotography said...

love the last one... i want to be at the lake!

Nick said...

Mrs.'re great. Thanks for posting these.

Kole said...

These are great! Thank you for taking time to get them up here. That was such a fun weekend! I'm ready to go back!!