Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Week of Firsts

Last week I got a call from Robert who asked me if I could take some shots of his band, Counterfeit Country. They were looking for just a shot or two that they could put on flyers and problem. So, we headed downtown Friday afternoon for some shots and despite having no clue what I was doing, had a blast. The guys were great sports and did well with my instructions, which were all something like, "Go over there and do something....manly." 

After I took 100 photos, we called it a day--it was blazing hot and they weren't looking for too many photos. It was a short and sweet photo shoot but so funny---especially after Ryan started doing his "Big Woman Dance." Here are a few of my favorite shots from the afternoon...maybe you'll see them again someday. Album cover? :) 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello Baby

Natalie is my next-door-neighbor at school and has become a very dear friend of mine this past school year. Back in November, Natalie came into my classroom one morning and shut the door behind her and said, "Guess what?"  I knew right then she was pregnant. It was so exciting to watch her little tummy get bigger and bigger all year as we got closer and closer to her due date--next Thursday! After hearing the report from her doctor's appointment Monday, we decided that if we were going to take maternity pictures, we had to do before, well, there was no more maternity!

It started raining as soon as I got to her house, but she was such a trooper as I kept asking her to do things that aren't very easy for a pregnant lady to do--stand up, sit down, lay down, etc. I think the photos came out great and soon I hope I'll be posting photos of sweet little baby Kelcie.

She looks great, doesn't she? The baby blanket was Natalie's when she was a baby.

Natalie and her husband Brian met on a blind date, so he always tell her, "You had me from hello." On their wedding day, he gave her this locket inscribed with Hello and I thought it was precious she keeps it in the baby's room, hung on a picture frame. 

She doesn't act like she's 9 month pregnant. She's one of the happiest pregnant women I've ever seen--she doesn't even act like she's uncomfortable, although I know she is. 

I love this one. 

And this one.

She looks so peaceful. I think if I had said, "Gaze out of the window and contemplate labor," this photo would have been much different. 

Thanks Natalie for a fun afternoon! Can't wait to meet Kelcie!