Friday, June 12, 2009

An Adventure

Scott and I are getting ready to go to Europe in a little over a prepare for the photography spectacle, I decided that it was best if I shot some practice photos before I left. I talked to a few of my students and asked if they would play along with my little scheme. Sue was a willing participant and a great sport as I dragged her all over Terrell was also her fabulous idea to go to this abandoned house. As soon as we drove up, I fell in love. It was an amazing little house....this place would be a wonderful venue for shooting bridal portraits. The rustic old house would contrast fabulously with a beautiful white dress....I wish I knew someone getting married that would be willing to let me drag them out there.

Sue did a great job...she was natural! She would laugh every time I told her not to smile...which suits her personality perfectly. I can't wait for her Senior portrait session, which may be a destination session. How fun! 

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scbphotography said...

LOVE the one of her looking down and laughing.