Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Man Brooks

W is the son of my very dear friend AB...who was actually my very first friend in South Georgia. When I moved here I was newly married, overwhelmed with my new life, and completely unsure about what to think about this Land of the Peanut. Soon after this little guy was born, AB and I started running together, so I have been able to see W grow from this tiny little baby to this very handsome little man and looking at these pictures, I can't believe that this year and a half have gone by so quickly.....or that I have survived almost two years of South Georgia! Thanks AB, for being my very first friend down here and thanks for letting me be "Aunt May" to this sweet little man.  

He's very proud of his teeth. 

W never met a puppy he didn't like. 

Golly, I hope my kids are half as cute as he is. 

Wesley has recently learned how to smile on command and is quite proud of this accomplishment.


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