Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Come, let us reason together...

When it came time to buy a computer for the house, Scott and I chose a Mac for several reasons:

1. They're are user-friendly...which really means all the right-brained people in the world like myself can use them without getting ulcers.

2. They're pretty.

3. The Mac commercials TOTALLY kick the booty of the PC commercials

4. Once you go Mac you never go back. (Scott already owned a PowerBook)

So, with this stellar reasoning, we ordered an iMac with our tax return money last year. Let me just say, seeing that beautiful shiny computer sitting on the desk for the first time might have made me tinkle in my pants a little.

Anyway, I love my computer. My computer loves me. Until two days ago, it decided to stop loving me. As I was editing pictures, my editing program started turning all the pictures black. It can't be undone. I tried everything: I sang it love songs, I reasoned and debated, I cried, I pleaded, I bargained, threatened, burned incense....nothing. So, that's why there are no pictures in this post. And that's why I have been in a state of despair the last two days. And that's why I can't post pictures of the particular Southern gem that is The Church Picnic.

My computer problems have led to other problems in my life: my dogs got into my vegetable garden. I accidentally peeled the whole plastic label off my Chapstick (my pet peeve!). I am having a bad hair day. So you see, I need to fix this problem pronto so that my whole life doesn't crumble around me.


Lauren Ustad said...

I totally agree with you on the Mac thing! There is really no comparison. I don't have one at home, I've only used one at work but I'm waiting on my PC to die so I can get one, lol. What editing software do you use for your photographs? I'm just getting into photography and got a pretty good camera...but have no clue how to use it, haha. I do most of the editing in Photoshop though because it's all I know!

Meagan Kerlin said...

I use Aperture for my editing. I really like it, it's simple and user-friendly but it can do all the super fancy stuff that I have no idea how to do, haha.