Friday, November 20, 2009

A Thanksgiving Pow-Wow

Once upon a time, 30 wild indians gathered in music class to make a Thanksgiving peace treaty. The two parties, Mrs. Young's tribe and Mrs. Johnson's tribe had been preparing for a Thanksgiving feast with the K-5 pilgrims. The two tribes met to discuss their upcoming meeting with the Pilgrims. 

There was some heated discussion about the bead necklaces....

Others demonstrated their frustration with sharing the playground with these Pilgrims. 

A few were skeptical of the Indians from the other tribe...

...while some of the boy Indians tried to demonstrate their superiority over the girl Indians.

The girl Indians retaliated by demonstrating their tribal dances. 

Then the two tribes had a tribal dance off to determine the greatest tribe. 

Many different dances were performed for the tribal judges. 

The judges were not pleased. 

Then one brave Indian squaw gave an eloquent and moving speech about uniting the two tribes in peace. 

Her listeners understood the wisdom in her words and were happy. 

United, the two tribes began to discuss their peace treaty with the Pilgrims. 

Some were hesitant...

...but their fellow Indians were convincing in their call for unity.

They prepared their peaceful greetings for the Pilgrims at the Thanksgiving feast. 

And the two tribes lived in peace forever after....

...or at least until they go to the playground. 

The End. 

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