Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friends and Babies

Last week, Scott and I went back to our old house to grab a few things out of the attic and to have dinner with some friends....and to meet a very special little girl for the first time. 

These two ladies are very special to me. We ran together every day and by running so many miles together, these girls have become some of my best friends. While running we've talked, laughed, cried, rejoiced, mourned, and prayed together. Needless to say, I have missed them terribly since moving....and I have run considerably less since I can't seem to run very well without someone to talk with! Scott and I had a blast at dinner and I took my camera along since we were getting to meet this little pumpkin for the first time.......

Our newest addition to our little group, Sweet Baby S,  was born three weeks ago....and she is as beautiful as expected! She also has her daddy wrapped around his little finger, I might add. She's dainty, sweet, and pretty---everything a brand new baby girl should be! I'm not sure her daddy wanted to hand her over but I snatched her and got some snuggle time. She is precious! 

I'm a little bit smitten. I think Mama and Daddy might be too. I also snapped a few Christmas card photos...

And Uncle Scott got some reading time in with a very special friend who LOVES to read. 

He also loves my camera. He wants to hold it SO BAD. I would do just about anything for this little man but I just can't hand over the DSLR. Sorry W! 

What a fun night! After dinner, Scott and I went and grabbed the Christmas decorations that were still in the attic in the old house. After staring at the boxes for a few days I decided that I had to move them before our company comes this weekend and who wants to move heavy boxes two times? Not me. So I unpacked them...and got the idea to completely decorate for Christmas. So as of Monday, our house is completely decorated for Christmas, minus the tree! 

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