Sunday, January 16, 2011


There hasn't been much blogging lately because, frankly, there hasn't been much going on around here. And it's been lovely. I stopped working in the mornings at Christmas break and have only been working 3 hours at the after-school program--which I love--and it's left me with most of my day to rest and get ready for baby. 

So I have a confession...I've been terribly lazy. I mean, I'm 40 weeks pregnant so it's not like I can do a whole lot and it seems like the one piece of advice that I've been getting over and over is, "Get rest while you can." So I have.  I've watched lots of Golden Girls re-runs, taken naps, made lists of things I want to get done before the baby arrives, and enjoyed our Netflix account. The only two things that I have been doing consistently is washing clothes and keeping the house clean(ish) in case baby girl decides to make her debut. 

Scott and I were snowed in last week like much of the South but I had a doctor's appointment scheduled Monday morning. I called the doctors office 4 times. No answer. I was truly convinced that they were still open because I had the first appointment of the day. I knew that they won't answer the phones until office hours began (8:30, my appointment time) and the news wasn't scrolling the name with the other closed doctors offices, so I just knew they were open. I dragged my sweet husband out of bed (who insisted there was no way they were open) and he drove me the through the snow and ice to the office. The 10 minute drive turned into a 20 minute drive but when we finally pulled into the office we realized....we were the only ones there. No lights were on. No note on the door. Nothing. Scott didn't even say "I told you so" as we pulled out of the driveway (but he did mumble something about "there aren't even any other tire tracks..." hmmm...).

I went in the next morning and saw a different doctor from my regular doctor. It was a fantastic visit because he very kindly offered to schedule an induction but left it up to us. I almost jumped off the table and hugged him. Scott and I accepted for a few reasons:

1. My blood pressure has been increasingly higher and higher at my few appointments.
2. I've gotten my morning sickness back and have either gotten sick everyday or have been unable to eat much the last few weeks.
3. I'M READY TO HAVE THIS BABY. (Is that reason enough?)

So we're scheduled to be induced Tuesday morning. I'm so excited to meet this little one that I've been carrying the last 9 months and I'm ready for the next step in our lives. Now I just need to wash one more load of laundry and mop the floors and I will be ready to go! 


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Wanting What I Have said...

WOoo hooo! I cannot WAIT to see her!!! I was induced with my last two and it was wonderful. :) I'll be thinking about you and praying for you!