Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pregnancy Confessions, Part 1

Today officially marks the beginning of the sixth month....with four (give or take) more to go. I didn't know that technically pregnancy lasted 10 months until I was in my twenties. I mean, 9 months doesn't sound that bad. But 10 months? THATS ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR. That changes everything. I realize I'm being dramatic, but I never truly understood how long pregnancy is until I began experiencing it. (duh).  

19 marks 22 weeks. 

But it's okay...I'm thankful. I haven't forgotten the days and weeks and months of not being pregnant and wondering if I was ever going to be able to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I guess I'm just going through what I'm hoping is a normal realization that every first-time mother experiences: things are a changin'.  Big time. 

Simple things are more shaving my legs. Sleeping comfortably. Bending. Looking at my toes. Finding clothes each morning that fit AND match. But really, I'm learning that in every small thing that is more difficult and different there is still so much room to be thankful. 

So because I don't feel like cooking tonight, I'm going to go eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. And then sweep and mop my kitchen. Or iron some clothes. But definitely not both. :) 

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Wanting What I Have said...

You are SO CUTE!!! And RADIANT! I am so happy for you! I hope you enjoy(ed) that bowl of cereal!