Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seaside and Senior Pictures

Back in January, I was asked to donate an item for the Senior Auction. I donated a photography session for the silent auction, not expecting anyone actually want to bid on my item. I was so excited to find out that someone actually did bid on my item, and I was even more excited to find out it was my BFF Debs!

Debbie and I got to know each other this school year through our many, many emails regarding Junior/Senior Prom. Debbie is the mom of Susan, one of my (now) Seniors and truth be told, Prom would not have happened without her help and organization. I was honored that she wanted me to take Susan's Senior pictures, and I'm sure I'm not worth near the amount she paid at the auction! 

Susan wanted beach pictures, so we picked a free day that we could drive down to Seaside. If you haven't seen Seaside in the summer, you need to. It's beautiful, pristine, and the perfect backdrop for photos. On this particular day, there was one particular problem: it was HOT. I stepped out of car and immediately had a heat stroke. Okay, maybe that isn't the complete truth, but I seriously considered jumping in the ocean fully clothed. Despite the heat and a whiny, sweaty, crazed photographer, Sue was such a great sport. She even changed clothes and took more photos after passing out in the gelato shop! (true story) 

After all the pictures and medical drama, Debbie, Susan, and myself stumbled into the Donut Hole, a little diner in Destin before heading home. I wasn't completely lucid because of my earlier heat stroke, so I accidently bought a danish, two apple cinnamon muffins, and a cake donut. Some of it made it home.

Here are some of my favorite shot. Sue, you are so photogenic! Next time, please don't pass out on me. 

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