Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dear Mom...

Happy Mother's Day! 

I told my mom a few days ago that I had a blog. She said, "Oh. I've heard about those things but I have no idea how they work." After some explaining she says, "Well, are you going to write something to me on there?"

The answer is yes I am, Marmar. There is a slight chance that I forgot to put a Mother's Day card in the mail, so here is my online Mother's Day card to you:

Dear Mom, 

Remember that time you were picking me up from a friend's house and I swore that I knew how to get out of the neighborhood, and how we drove around for an hour, lost?  Remember that time that I got asked to Prom as a sophomore and you drove me to the mall the very same night and after looking for hours, you found the perfect dress? Remember those mornings where I would ransack your closet and wear your clothes? Remember that time when I was cooking my very first Easter dinner for 12 people, you helped me cook for hours? Remember that time we went to the strawberry patch and we came back with 20 lbs of strawberries?

I do.

Remember all those days when you drove me 30 minutes to school every morning? Remember those afternoons when you would let us pick out anything we want from the gas station as an afternoon snack? Remember all those times when you would take me shopping and never buy anything for yourself? Remember all those football games and plays....and ballet recitals, basketball games, awards ceremonies, and school functions that you came to?

I do. I also remember, when I was studying abroad, you would call occasionally to tell me that you had dropped $20.00 in my checking account. I remember all the things that I wanted to do and all the goals I had for my never said no, you never doubted one second. I remember all the times you adopted random stray pets, both temporarily and permanently, much to the chagrin of Dad. I remember how you paid for my high school education at Briarwood and how you supported every single activity, club, and organization that I wanted to join. I remember how you were the first to welcome any friend or boyfriend that I brought home. I remember how you can remember virtually any phone number that you've ever dialed (it's impressive).  

Sitting here and typing, I'm remembering so many things that you have done for me for which I have never said thank you. So thank you. Thank you for fighting for me in circumstances that would have forced many people to quit or give up. Thank you for everything you did and every penny you spent ensuring that I got a good education and that I could have a good life. Thank you for all the mileage that you put on your car driving me all across Birmingham. Thank you for all the spontaneous lunches you've bought me. Thank you for helping me plan a wedding. Thank you for teaching me to love my family and to have compassion on everyone. 

Thank you for everything, even though that will never be enough for everything you've done.

I love you, and whenever I become a mother, my prayer is that God would mold me after the amazing example that you've set for me over the years. Happy Mother's Day!  

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